Sexual Harassment

New York Sexual Harassment requirements are now in force.


Are you compliant with the recent law changes?

According to N.Y. Labor Law § 201-g, effective as of October 9, 2018, every employer is required to have a sexual harassment prevention policy and must implement a sexual harassment training program and provide it to employees on an annual basis.

Although the policy requirement is already in effect, all employees must complete their mandatory training by October 9, 2019. All new employees must be trained as soon as possible.

Covered Employers: All employers, regardless of size, must train all employees.

Meridian HR Solutions provide products and services that minimize risk and reduce cost.


We offer:

  • Sexual Harassment Training in both onsite, instructor-led or live webinar formats

  • Legally compliant sexual harassment policies

  • Sexual harassment complaint forms

  • Recommendations for creating a workplace of respect

  • Workplace investigations and employee relations consultations


In anticipation of the impending deadline, Meridian is now offering special pricing for all training sessions scheduled between now and October 1st!

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