Tony Montville.jpg

Anthony Montville

Business Developer & Organizational Leader

I was very impressed with Heidi when she worked for me. She walked into a difficult environment and took the helm of Human Resources head on. She applied progressive techniques to an environment where, outside of our support staff, most of our employees were remote and helped effect positive changes that reduced employee turnover and increased moral. She also performed a company-wide compliance audit and had corrected several areas of concern within her first 90 days of employment. With her running Human Resources, I was always confident I could focus on things that needed my attention most, and I never had to worry about HR.

Kathy Moore.jpg

Kathy Moore, CIR

Senior Healthcare IT Recruiter

I had the pleasure of working with Heidi at HealthTek Solutions and later at Vitalize Consulting Solutions. I found her to be a hard worker, very knowledgeable, and highly professional. If you need something - she's always there to help! I would highly recommend Heidi - she would be a true asset to any team she joins!

Cynthia DeGalleford.jpg

Cynthia DeGalleford, PHR

Benefits Manager, Schenker Inc

I first encountered Heidi in April 2003, when the company I represented was in need of a uniquely talented work force. Heidi was able to meet every aspect of our challenging order and proved time and time again her willingness to go above and beyond. Even though I no longer represent that company, I continue to rely upon her expertise in the field of Human Resources regularly and find her to be a true asset to the industry. I would advise any potential employer who is in need of a highly qualified HR professional to place her on their payroll immediately. It will be the easiest decision they have to make all year!

Eric Harrell.jpg

Eric Harrell

Virginia State Director of Marketing & Communications, Bryant & Stratton

Heidi's dedication, attention to detail and constructive guidance created the perfect work environment to successfully grow our business.